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Many Thanks from Recent to Past

Kaya Schmandt
Clerkship Field Training Student, 2019-2020 William James College

Carolyn Caine
Research Assistant 2015 – 2019

Sarah Donahue
Student Visitor 2019-2020

Amechi Egbunike
Harvard University/Undergraduate Student Visitor 2019

Gianna Kay
University of Arizona/Undergraduate Student Visitor 2019

Gali Golan
McGill University/Undergraduate Student Visitor 2019

Anna Seraikas
Research Assistant 2016 – 2018

Sara Chojnacki
Union College Intern/Undergraduate Student Visitor 2018

David Fang
Emory University Intern/Undergraduate Student Visitor 2018

Darya Pokoevaya, RN
Nursing Practicum Student, 2018 Northeastern University

Laura Sodano
Colby College Intern/Undergraduate Student Visitor 2018

Meaghan Clougherty
High School Student Visitor 2018

Arkadiy Maksimovskiy, PhD
T32 Postdoctoral Fellow 2017 – 2018

Maya Rieselbach
Research Assistant 2017 – 2018

Bretta Beer
Union College Undergraduate Intern/Student Visitor 2017

Kathleen Monahan
Union College Undergraduate Intern/Student Visitor 2017

Bella Jaffe
High School Student Visitor 2017

Ayla Hadley
High School Student Visitor 2017

Elena Stein
Research Assistant 2014 – 2016

Lindsey McMahon
Research Field Placement Student, 2016-2017

Samantha Heim
Nursing Practicum Student, 2016 Northeastern University

Anthony Formicola
Co-Op Student, Northeastern University 2016

Sarah Grill
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Undergraduate Academic Credit Student 2015

Noa Golan
Co-Op Student, Northeastern University 2015

Jessica Mecklosky
Co-Op Student, Northeastern University 2014

Ariel Sternberg
Research Assistant Volunteer 2013 – 2014

Angeline Lee, MBBS
Medical Student Intern 2013
University of Bristol Oxford, United Kingdom

Margot Paul
Tulane University Undergraduate Intern/Student Visitor 2012

Charles Czerkawski
Connecticut College Undergraduate Intern/Student Visitor 2012

Michael J. Covell
Research Assistant 2010 – 2011

David J. Crowley
Research Assistant 2010 – 2014

Alex McCaffrey
Research Assistant 2006 – 2009