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Silveri MM, Schuttenberg EM, Schmandt K, Stein ER, Rieselbach MM, Sternberg A, Cohen-Gilbert JE, Katz-Wise SL, Blackford JU, Potter AS, Potter MP, Sarvey DB, McWhinnie CM, Feinberg JE, Boger KD. Transgender and gender diverse adolescents: Clinical outcomes after acute residential psychiatric treatment. JAMA Network Open; in press.

Flook EA, Feola B, Benningfield MM, Silveri MM, Winder DG, Blackford JU. Alterations in connectivity of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis during early abstinence in individuals with alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research; 2021 Apr 8. doi: 10.1111/acer.14596. Online ahead of print. PMID: 33830508

Sneider JT, Cohen-Gilbert JE, Hamilton DA, Seraikas AM, Oot E, Schuttenberg EM, Nickerson LD, Silveri MM. Brain activation during memory retrieval is associated with depression severity in women. Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging, 2021 Jan 30;307:111204. PMID: 33393466

Flook EA, Luchsinger JR, Silveri MM, Winder DG, Benningfield MM, Blackford JU. Anxiety during abstinence from alcohol: A systematic review of rodent and human evidence for the anterior insula’s role in the abstinence network. Addiction Biology, 2021 Mar;26(2):e12861. PMID: 31991531

Honeycutt JA, Demaestri C, Peterzell S, Silveri MM, Cai X, Kulkarni P, Cunningham MG, Ferris CF, Brenhouse HC. Altered corticolimbic connectivity reveals sex-dependent outcomes in a rat model of early life adversity. ELife, 2020 Jan 20;9:e52651. doi: 10.7554/eLife.52651. PMID: 31958061

Li H, Smith SM, Gruber S, Lukas SE, Silveri MM, Hill KP, Killgore WDS, Nickerson LD. Combining multi-site/study MRI data: Linked-ICA denoising for removing scanner and site variability from multimodal MRI data. Neuroimage, 2020; Mar;208:116388. PMID: 31765802

Streeter CC, Gerbarg PL, Brown ERP, Scott TM, Nielson GH, Owen L, Sakai O, Sneider JT, Nyer M, Silveri MM. Thalamic GABA level changes in major depressive disorder after a 12-week Iyengar yoga and coherent breathing intervention. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2020; 26(3):190-197. PMID: 31934793

Maksimovskiy A, Seraikas A, Oot E, Rieselbach M, Caine C, Cohen-Gilbert J, Sneider JT, Harris SK, Nickerson L, Silveri MM. Hippocampal subfield and amygdale nuclei alterations in adolescents with familial risk for alcoholism. Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research, 2019; 43(11):2354-2366. PMID: 31529792

Scott T, Gerbarg PL, Silveri MM, Nielson GH, Owen L, Nyer M, Brown ERP, Streeter CC. Psychological function, Iyengar Yoga and coherent breathing: A randomized controlled dosing study. Journal of Psychiatric Practice, 2019; 25(6):437-450. PMID: 31821220

Mellen E, Harper DG, Ravichandran C, Jensen JE, Silveri M, Forester B. Lamotrigine therapy and biomarkers of cerebral energy metabolism in older age bipolar depression. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2019; 27(8):783-793. PMID: 31000323

Streeter CC, Gerbarg PL, Nielsen GH, Brown RP, Jensen JE, Silveri MM. Effects of yoga on thalamic gamma-amino butyric acid, mood and depression: Analysis of two randomized controlled trials. Neuropsychiatry (London), 2018; Neuropsychiatry, 8(6):1923-1939. (no PMID)

Pedrelli P, MacPherson L, Khan A, Shapero B, Fisher L, Nyer M, Cassano P, Farabaugh A, Parnarouskis L, Fava M, Silveri MM. Sex differences in the association between heavy drinking and behavioral distress tolerance and emotional reactivity among young adults. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 2018; 53(6):674-681. PMID: 29947730

Sneider JT, Cohen-Gilbert J, Hamilton DA, Stein E, Golan N, Oot E, Seraikas A, Rohan ML, Harris SK, Nickerson LD, Silveri MM. Adolescent hippocampal and prefrontal brain activation during performance of the virtual Morris water task. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 2018; 12:238. PMID: 29997486

Nyer M, Gerbarg PL, Silveri MM, Johnston J, Nauphal M, Owen L, Hernon AM, Jensen JE, Mischoulon D, Brown RP, Fava M, Streeter C. A randomized controlled dosing study of Iyengar yoga and coherent breathing for the treatment of major depressive disorder: Safety findings and impact on suicidal ideation. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2018; 37:136-142. PMID: 29609926

Teicher MH, Ohashi K, Khan A, Hernandez Garcia LC, Klengel T, Silveri MM. Does sleep disruption mediate effects of childhood maltreatment on brain structure? European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2018; 28(8):145594. PMID: 29844885

Streeter CC, Gerbarg PL, Whitfield TH, Owen L, Johnston J, Silveri MM, Gensler M, Faulkner CL, Mann C, Wixted JD, Hernon AM, Nyer MB, Brown ERP, Jensen JE. The treatment of major depressive disorder with Iyengar Yoga and coherent breathing: A randomized controlled dosing study. Alternative and Complementary Therapies, 2017; 1,23(6):236-243. PMID: 29225455

Cohen-Gilbert JE, Nickerson LD, Sneider JT, Oot EN, Seraikas AM, Rohan ML, Silveri MM. College binge drinking associated with decreased frontal activation to negative emotional distractors during inhibitory control. Frontiers Psychology, Psychopathology, 2017; 8,1650:1-12. PMID: 29018380

Neurobiological signatures associated with alcohol and drug use in the human adolescent brain. Marisa M Silveri, Alecia Dager, Julia Cohen-Gilbert, Jennifer T Sneider. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 2016; 70:244-259. Abstract  PDF

Sex differences in spatial navigation and perception in human adolescents and emerging adults. Jennifer T. Sneider, Derek A.Hamilton, Julia E.Cohen-Gilbert, David J. Crowley, Isabelle M.Russo, Marisa M.Silveri. Behavioral Process 111(2015), 42-50. Abstract  PDF

GABAergic contributions to alcohol responsivity during adolescent: Insights from preclinical and clinical studies. Marisa M. Silveri. Pharmcology &Therapeutics 143 (2014), 197-216. Abstract  PDF

Altered Anterior Cingulate Neurochemistry in Emerging Adult Binge Drinkers with a History of Alcohol-Induced Blackouts. Marisa M. Silveri, Julia Cohen-Gilbert, David J. Crowley, Isabelle M. Rosso, J. Eric Jenson, Jennifer Sneider. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 38(2014), 969-979. Abstract

Differential influence of safe versus threatening facial expressions on decision-making during an inhibitory control task in adolescence and adulthood. J.E. Cohen-Gilbert, W.D.S. Killgore, C.N.White,  Z.J. Schwab, D.J. Crowley, M.J. Covell,  J.T. Sneider, M.M. Silveri. Developmental Science 17(2014), 212-223.  Abstract

Contributions of magnetic resonance spectroscopy to understanding development: Potential applications in the study of adolescent alcohol use and abuse. Julia E. Cohen-Gilbert, J.Eric Jensen, Marisa M. Silveri. Development and Psychopathology 26(2014), 405-423. Abstract

Frontal Lobe Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Levels During Adolescence: Associations with Impulsivity and Response Inhibition. Marisa M. Silveri, Jennifer T. Sneider, David J. Crowley, Michael J. Covell, Deepa Acharya, Isabelle M. Rosso, J. Eric Jensen. Biological Psychiatry 74 (2013) 296-304. Abstract

Differential effects of binge drinking on learning and memory in emerging adults. Jennifer T. Sneider, Julia E. Cohen-Gilbert, David J. Crowley, Margot D. Paul, Marisa M. Silveri. Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy  S7 (2013) 38-43. Abstract

Adolescent Brain Development and Underage Drinking in the United States: Identifying Risks of Alcohol Use in College Populations. Marisa M. Silveri. Harvard Review of Psychiatry 20 (2012) 189-200. Abstract

Decreased sensitivity to the hypnotic effects of ethanol early in ontogeny. Marisa M. Silveri, Linda Patia Spear. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 22 (1998) 670-676. Abstract