Undergraduate Students

Noa11146435_10204841651733920_5781902774348186025_o Golan has been working as a co-op student in the NLAMH since January 2015. She is currently in the process of finishing her bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, where she is completing a thesis project on the effects of early life and adolescent stress. Her research  interests include adolescent stress and its role on neurodevelopment and substance use disorders. Her goal is to eventually earn her Ph.D. in clinical psychology.


Sarah Grill has been an Academic Credit Student in the NLAMH since January 2015. Before that, she was a research assistant in the Harvard Lab for Developmental Studies. She assisted running a study in Dr. Susan Carey’s Lab on cognitive functions; the study focused on when kids start to learn the understanding of “no”. In addition, she assisted running a study in Dr. Felix Warneken’s Lab on prosocial behaviors regarding sharing. Her research and clinical interests include: child and adolescent brain development, anxiety and mood disorders in child and adolescence, and the impact of pediatric chronic disease on development. In September 2015 she will be a masters candidate at Tufts University, studying child study and human development with a focus on clinical psychology.